YMCA Camp Lincoln

Adam's Tree House

Fully-accessible tree house for everyone

Adam's Tree House, an all-accessible, remarkable tree house at YMCA Camp Lincoln, provides treetop access for all ages and all abilities. Southern District YMCA is proud to present this tribute to Adam McPhee, the structure’s namesake. Adam, born with physical disabilities, lived as though he had no limitations at all.  He was the first student to enter Epping High School with a special inclusion program. Graduating in 1999, just months before he passed on, Adam touched many lives; he raised empathy and awareness of the contributions people with disabilities can make to the world around us. “Adam did not let his abilities stop him from making his mark, and he would encourage others to do the same,” says Cory McPhee, Adam’s brother. Adam is an inspiration to everyone, and he continues to impact the community. Adam's Tree House creates an even greater impact, giving those with disabilities access to experience nature with the rest of their friends. Adam's Tree House connects them with the community and to life-enriching relationships and activities.

This treehouse project mirrors Adam’s drive and positive presence, the act of celebrating with people of all abilities and including them in fun activities in a natural setting. This sense of inclusion has been a part of YMCA Camp Lincoln for over 90 years. YMCA Camp Lincoln fosters a community in which kids can focus on being kids: running, jumping, or climbing. Children are encouraged to reach new heights, to learn new skills, and to discover their best selves. Adam’s Tree House perfectly reflects the goals of inclusion and community that is fostered at the Y. Without community support, these incredible heights could not be reached.

Oliver's Story

Read about one of the many reasons why Adam's Tree House is an amazing opportunity for children in the community.

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