The YMCA: More Than Just a Gym for Brandon

Mar 06, 2019

Brandon is a local young man who participates in the Youth Transitional Services through Easterseals to access his community and transition from high school. The Exeter YMCA is a very beneficial part of Brandon’s weekly activity schedule. It serves as a friendly and welcoming community atmosphere where he is able to safely and comfortably engage in activities that help improve his overall fitness and socialization. As a result of his vision impairment, Brandon has some challenges with his posture, balance and mobility. Having access to the YMCA allows him to work on these skills in a fun and safe environment. When Brandon started accessing the YMCA, the employees were happy to allow his team to place tactile markers near the scanner to increase his independence when checking in. They also added a tactile marker to the railing of the track so Brandon could count his laps, allowing him to monitor his workout independently. As a result of the YMCA’s support and adaptability to Brandon’s needs, it was the first community location that he was able to navigate independently. Brandon has built up a familiar routine at the YMCA and will often see peers or other familiar community members while accessing the facility. He enjoys being able to practice his social skills while also improving his health. Brandon also accesses the cardio machines and works on weight training, following a routine to help him build strength and endurance. Upon entering the YMCA, Brandon is warmly greeted by name by the Welcome Center employees. He truly loves being a member of the YMCA, it has had a positive impact on his health and wellness and increased his sense of belonging in his local community.

Southern District YMCA is a cause-driven organization that is for youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.