Triumphing Together

Jan 23, 2018

January 22, 2018 (Exeter, NH)— Triathlon: torture or triumph? Maybe a little bit of both, as Lon and Scott Muller, from Kingston, NH, attest. Together, the father and son completed Southern District YMCA’s TrYFecta competition, a combination of three athletic events: the Tri For the Y, a triathlon in July; an Open Water Swim in October; and the Thanks For Giving 5k/10k on Thanksgiving Day.

Scott chuckled, calling triathlon training “6 hours of torture,” Lon shook his head and jokingly elbowed his son, amending that beyond the grueling physical aspect, there is something more involved, a deeper investment. In reference to the mental characteristic of triathlons, Scott smiled, agreeing “I got hooked on them.”

Lon and Scott thrived on both the physical and mental characteristics of training; they planned to complete the Tri for the Y. Lon was more of a casual competitor, but Scott had competed in triathlons for about four years; both were energized by the prospect of a local triathlon, held by the Southern District YMCA. This was a chance for the two of them to tackle something together—what an exciting opportunity!

When Scott and Lon heard of the next event, the Kingston Open Water Swim, they were intrigued. Lon said it was by far the most exciting part of the season “Bob Fernald told us about it. Open water events like that aren’t common in the area. It’s hard to find places to swim, so we really looked forward to that event.”

By the time they made it to the Thanks For Giving race, Scott said it was almost a no-brainer “after you finish a triathlon, a 5k or 10k is a piece of cake!” The duo finished all three events strongly; Scott even achieved a personal best 10k time. Their times are listed below:


Tri for the Y= 1:18:48

2-mile Open Water Swim= 1:05:01

10k= 42:51 fastest 10k


Tri for the Y= 2:02:20

1-mile Open Water Swim= 44:58.5

5k= 36:36

Neither Scott nor Lon planned to complete the TrYFecta together; it was a happy accident. They tackled each event separately, but by the end, they had conquered a pretty unique athletic journey side by side. “We just fell into it,” said Lon. “As years go on, I hope we continue to train and compete together.”

A decision to become healthier and make a life change encouraged Scott to begin triathlon training, and Lon rose to the challenge, recognizing the opportunity to spend more time together. Although they competed in the events individually, Lon and Scott were very much a team.

After this season, triathlon training has transformed from 6 hours of torture to a special triumph that Lon and Scott share, something for which they trained and completed together. “I love the progression, of doing something to test yourself, to benefit you, and to rise to a challenge; it really changes your life,” said Scott.

“The best part was being able to complete these events together; it’s a really special memory for me,” said Lon.

If you’re interested in learning more or competing in the Southern District YMCA’s 2018 TrYFecta, register for the first event, the Tri For the Y, on August 5, 2018. Registration is available at the following link:

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