Exeter Area YMCA

Weather Policy

Facility Hours

The facility will remain open for regularly scheduled hours when possible. When a State of Emergency is declared or conditions become extremely hazardous (at the determination of the Branch Director), the SDYMCA may close for the safety of our member and staff.

Call the SDYMCA to confirm schedules during severe weather at 603-642-3361-option 1, view WMUR-TV News 9 cancellation ticker, www.wmur.com or visit our website at www.sdymca.org.

When SAU16 schools are closed due to inclement weather, youth programs will be cancelled. If schools are closed consecutive days, please contact the SDYMCA to determine program schedules. When SAU16 schools are open, all morning SDYMCA programs will run as scheduled. If inclement weather begins or continues during the day, please visit our website at www.sdymca.org or call 603-642-3361-option 1.

Kid’s Club

If the SDYMCA is operating programs/classes during inclement weather our baby-sitting service will continue to operate as well. Please contact the SDYMCA in inclement weather to determine if YMCA programs are running.

Sports Leagues

Please refer to Adult Programs above.

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