Personalized Wellness

Healthy Steps to Nutrition

Take the next step in personal health and wellness by incorporating a well-balanced nutrition plan. Facilitated by our team of Licensed Registered Dietitians, learn how properly fuel your body to lose weight, improve performance, and maintain lifelong success.

5 Week Nutrition Series - (4 Sessions)

Your dietitian will assess caloric metrics using our BodyMetrix ultrasound machine, review nutritional & medical history, development of a customized meal plan and provide continued support.

Member: $209 / Community: $252

90 Min. Dietetic Appointment

Includes a caloric assessment with our BodyMetrix ultrasound machine, a review of your nutritional history, development of a customized meal plan from your 24hr food log and help setting realistic goals.

Member: $79 / Community: $95

30 Min. Follow-up Appointments

A regular maintenance plan to keep you focused on short & long term goals IS the key to continued success! Our Registered Dietitians will provide you with the support you need. These appointments are available or single or multi-session packages. 

Single Session - Member: $35 / Community: $42
Six Sessions - Member: $180 / Community: $216

Please visit the Exeter Area YMCA Welcome Center to register for any of our Nutrition Personal Services. For more information, please contact Deanna Graham at or 603-642-3361. 

8-Week Basic Nutrition Course

Start off the new year with an 8-week course in basic nutrition.

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