Personalized Wellness

Health Coaching

Meeting with our Certified Health Coach, Marianne, can help create a healthy, sustainable behavior change by challenging you to develop your inner wisdom, identify your values, and transform your goals into action! To schedule a session, please contact Deanna Graham at or 603 319 5930.


One-on-One Initial Session

and Additional Sessions (60 minutes)-

$49/Members; $60/Community Members

-Initial assessment of your lifestyle and health goal  
-Develop an individualized plan of action to reach your health or life goal

6-Week Transformation Program

(includes 6 full consulting sessions)-

$229 Members; $270 Community Members

-Constant support through your journey to accomplishing your goal. You will also receive access to our online support group, and unlimited email access to your Health Coach! 

Follow-Up Sessions (30 minutes)-

$34 Members; $40 Community Members

-Designed to provide support and motivation to keep your progress on track

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