Clean Eating

Follow the 80/20 Rule

If you’re watching your weight, but don’t want to count calories, try the 80/20 rule. This simple lifestyle change that can lead to successful and sustainable weight loss without “dieting”. Unlike any other regimen, the 80/20 rule allows you to enjoy that favorite food or drink you never thought you could enjoy again! Most importantly, it’s very easy to follow in the long run.

The “rule” is very simple: 80% of the time you focus on eating clean and whole foods, the other 20% of the time, treat yourself in moderation. This way, we aren’t feeling bad about eating that dessert! For example, if you eat three meals per day, make three meals per week your more indulgent or “cheat” meals. If you eat five small meals per day, then seven of those small meals per week are the 20%. You say hello to weight loss while still eating your favorite foods!

Fresh Vegetables

Wellness at the Y

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