YMCA Camp Lincoln
Job Title: Adventure Trip Leader
Posted On: Mar 21, 2019

Adventure Trip Leader

Effectively lead and participate in the Camp Lincoln community. Adventure Trip Leaders are a model of leadership who lead by example, follow the staff pledge and live in accordance with the Core Values – Honesty, Caring, Respect and Responsibility.

Adventure Leaders are able to take advantage of opportunities that safely enrich the lives of their campers.

Adventure Leaders seek every opportunity to create a safe community that is free of bullying and ridicule. Camp is a place for personal growth, leadership development and community enhancement for all participants. Every camper’s self-confidence is enhanced because of the leadership and example set by their counselor through games, fair dispute resolution, consistent expectations, friendship building and positive reinforcement. Adventure Leaders know and understand their maturity and leadership bears great responsibility because of the nature of their high-risk programming.

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