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Exeter Area YMCA Wants to Awaken Summer Imagination at Annual Healthy Kids Day®

Apr 26, 2018

(26 April, 2018 Exeter, NH)—On Saturday, May 05, the Exeter Area YMCA is holding a free community event to inspire more kids to keep their minds and bodies active at the annual YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day®, the Y’s national initiative to improve health and well-being for kids and families.

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Exeter Area YMCA becomes ‘home base’ for Military & First Responders

Apr 03, 2018

April 3, 2018 (Exeter, NH) – Exeter Area YMCA is honored to become “Home Base,” the dedicated meeting space for a very exciting project providing our nation’s active and retired service men and women, as well as first responders and their families, with access to The Military & First Responders Family Story Project,

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Alex Turek—Slam Dunk for Exeter

Mar 19, 2018

March 16, 2018 (Exeter, NH)—Brendan Power, Chairman of the Board of Southern District YMCA, is pleased to announce Alex Turek as Exeter’s newest teammate: CEO of Southern District YMCA, effective April 2, 2018.

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Children's Carnival: Changing Lives!

Mar 02, 2018

March 1, 2017 (Exeter, NH)—Laughter echoed from the walls of the gymnasium as dozens of flushed, frizzy-haired children ran around the Ellis School at Fremont during their Lights on Afterschool event; this same infectious energy will be felt at the Children’s Carnival on March 10 from 9AM-Noon at Exeter Area YMCA!

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Why We Love the Y

Feb 13, 2018

February 12, 2018 (Exeter, NH)- On Monday, February 19, 2018, from 5 AM-9:30 PM, Exeter Area YMCA celebrates “Why We Love the Y,” a FREE day for the community to enjoy! Participate in group exercise classes, enjoy open Pickleball in the morning and stick around to watch the evening Basketball League!

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Triumphing Together

Jan 23, 2018

January 22, 2018 (Exeter, NH)— Triathlon: torture or triumph? Maybe a little bit of both, as Lon and Scott Muller, from Kingston, NH, attest.

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YMCA Focuses on the Future

Dec 11, 2017

December 11, 2017 (Exeter, NH)— Southern District YMCA/Camp Lincoln, Inc. is approaching 92 years of providing positive programs that support a healthy mind, body, and spirit for all. Today, Southern District YMCA is strong and stable, maintaining its mission of meeting the needs of its community.

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Building Character and Fortitude with Bob Fernald

Oct 04, 2017

October 1, 2017 (Exeter, NH) - Over 100 swimmers, half of whom were youth, lined up at the shores of Kingston Lake, snapping on their goggles to brave the cold at the Southern District YMCA’s first annual Open Water Swim. Triple Crown swimmer, Bob Fernald, and Solo Aquatics co-sponsored the event with Southern D

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Nobody Swimmer to World Class

Sep 14, 2017

(Exeter, NH)— Picture a marathon swimmer. The visual probably does not include an ashen-faced athlete, bent at the waist, vomiting after their first 50-meter swim; however, that is precisely how Triple Crown swimmer, Bob Fernald, began his journey. Swimming was never on his radar.

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It's More Than Just Camp

Jul 14, 2017

(Exeter, NH)—Sometimes community is nothing more than proximity, or sharing common interests and goals. For Southern District YMCA, though, community means helping a group of four foster children reunite.

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